Will a Russian copy protection stop software piracy?

I just posted the article Will a Russian copy protection stop software piracy ?.

Stas mailed us about a copy protection that has been developed in Russia. He thinks it will become a killer for easy cd copying. The website says that it’s even impossible to copy with CloneCD, but…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1698-Will-a-Russian-copy-protection-stop-software-piracy-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1698-Will-a-Russian-copy-protection-stop-software-piracy-.html)

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This should be interresting, it is like saying that HongKong will make cd protections… I think they should be able to crack it themselves as it would hurt themselves if even them did not know how to break it… will see. obike Fixx

At the moment we guarantee two months of international sales (!) without appearing of piracy copies ----> this should be intresting…

Lets get rid of this company. Copy protection companies suck sooo bad. We need to get them off of the market. If they’re gauranteeing two months without pirated copies appearing then all it takes to get rid of them is someone to make a copy within the two months (a copy that works obviously) or a crack and they’re screwed. Send the copy to the company that is using it and they will turn around and sue this company. FALSE ADVERTISING!!! Any crackers/hackers out there - Lets get rid of these ass holes!! After you crack it just remember to send a copy to the company that just sent £X million using it on their games

yeh yeh yeh, all standard guff copied from the c-dilla site. nothing new - same old crackable, copiable stuff. stas is obviously an employee of this company

Hi! If this mean that I must buy new burner then this sucks big time… I think this is crackable too. Human made this protection, human is not perfect then protection is not so good what they promissed! :wink:

Dont underestimate those russian programmers. There are very clever people out there. Now i dident say it wont be cracked…eventually. balbaro

Oki guys just have to say this. Please don’t underrestimate this protection because it comes from russia. Russia have the best programmers of there, and they know how to make good software protections for example ASPRotect. So i think it will be better as SD and SC because they have good knowledge about it. I also have to say that russian has the best crackers ove there :4. So i don’t say it will not be cracked though :d

blablalbla crackers need one week and then it’s fixed Everything what is made with human hands can be broken by human hands! Remember that! :4

a whole week! i was copying sd within hours!

it should be if funy if the same russian can also crack it :d … enjoy. ObikeFixx.