Will a RAID setup improve DVD-writing speed?

I ask this because I currently get a lot of buffer underruns for some reason even though my spec is reasonable, however when i burn at 2x I get none.

Does anyone here have a RAID-0 setup and does this improve DVD-writing?

I doubt it would make a difference. Before you spend the money, you should check to make sure both the hard drive and burner are operating in DMA and not PIO. The Hard drive and DVD recorder should also be on seperate IDE channels. A few more suggestions; make sure your hard drive is defragged. Close any applications that are running in the backround, and don’t use your computer while it burns the DVD. Download and run adaware and spybot search and destroy.

Unless you are running very demanding applications (Video edititing/encoding, running a server, etc…) raid 0 is not worth the cost. (At least in my opinion, but then again my pockets are not very deep.)

No it wont, have you check DMA/PIO mode on your HDD and burner?

RAID 0 improves OS bootup time and file transfer rate between drives.

As I understand though, a major limiting factor of DVD writing is disk performance ie how fast ur HD can write to the writer. Doesn’t RAID-0 theoretically double the transfer rate and wouldn’t that double the amount of data being sent to the drive?

@ Stoner
RAID 0 does not improve access time which is more “important” than transfer rates during boot up.

Meh, I’m just saying it from daily observations.