Will a Foxconn K7S 741 MB support an AMD 3 gig Dual Core Processor?



Hi all

I have a Foxconn K7S 741 MB and would like to know ifthis board will support an AMD 3 gig Dual Core Processor. Any info on this? Thanks in advance.



No, it won’t.



As mciahel said no it will not support that CPU. :disagree: The mobo you have is a socket 462
or socket A as some like to call it. You will need to buy a new mobo at least a AM2+ or
a AM3 mobo plus you will need new memory with the socket AM2+ mobo’s it takes DDR2
and with the socket AM3 mobo it takes DDR3 memory. You may need a new power supply
also if the one you have now is only a 20 pin connector as newer mobo’s take a 24 pin
connector plus a 12v 4 plug in and on some mobo’s it takes a 12v 8 pin plug in and without
those 4 pin or 8 pin being plugged in most of the time it will refuse to boot. :sad: So you are
looking at a major upgrade or buying a new system if you don’t want to do the upgrade yourself. :eek: :doh: