Will a firmware that enables Optiarc AD7170A to use the Label Flash be available?

As the thread title… Will this unofficial firmware be available to enable the NEC AD7170A to use the Label Flash and Disct@2 features?

Thanks very much.

My guess is “NO”.

I don’t think a hardware issue could be “resolved” with a firmware.

What “issue”??

I mean Labelflash is a hardware thing and it cannot be added or removed.
Maybe I am wrong.

I guess you are wrong.
While Lightscribe really needs additional hardware, Labelflash does not need it.

So you mean modifying the firmware of NEC AD7170A to enable Label Flash is possible?

I want to use the Disc T@2, but I can’t find the 7173 in my region.

I hope there will be a modified unofficial firmware soon.

Thanks all for your reply.

That’s good news for those who have a 7170.

It does not mean that someone will really release such a tool.

That’s bad news then.

Not really. In my opinion, using Labelflash isn’t even worth spending time - not to mention money…

No I don’t think so. It’s a really cool way to give some extra points to your submitted film at a festival or to a corporate/adv video. It’s another way than the classic label. It looks somehow different and attractive. It’s more expensive but adds some points to a more professional/artistic look. At first this was why I bought this drive but now I see it’s an excellent writer something I see it every day, when the DVD’s I am giving are reproducible everywhere with no glitches or problems.

A few days ago I used the Labelflash functionality for the first and I must say that I’m not too impressed. In my opinion a classic label looks way more professional than Labelflash. It may be something different, but different is not always better.

Made a short review about Lightscribe and Labelflash in the beginning of this year. Read it overhere .

Different is always better because everything looks similar nowadays.
Scorpiosoft, I have read this before buy this unit.

Well… I like the Disc T@2 more, but not label flash…

Disc T@2 is somehow more creative and there is no substitue currently. It would be cool to have that feature. However, in my region, only 7170A is available so I bought this, but not the 7173A.

Don’t worry,7173A will availialbe in Hong kong shortly.

then just buy a 7173 if you want it so badly. :wink:

You know I have it chef.
What concerns me for the moment:
1)at some burns isn’t very good or at least that is what CD/DVD says.
2)I don’t know if there will be any new firmware as Optiarc answered me that they do not support their own drives…
3)Labelflash media is supplied only through Ritek. :Z

Before buy I it I did research a little and saw the Fuji logo at the Labelflash discs but I didn’t know it was Ritek’s. If I knew I would never buy it. Ritek for me is anything than good.
Basically when I am saying “some burns” I mean this media.

If you want to make labels, purchase a drive with Lightscribe support. At least they take their labeling system seriously. Labelflash is a complete joke.