Will a Core 2 Duo work in my desktop?

I have a dell dimension 8400 with and intel 925x express chipset and i was wondering if i could install a core 2 duo into it

nope. And since its a dell, even if the chipset was capable, you would not see a bios update from dell to support somthing like that.

ok well… so far that ive figured out that i need to upgrade my mobo, psu, and case if i want to go to a c2d computer
and the psu is only because it doesnt have enought power to support my x1900xtx fully with everything else ive upgraded in my computer

here is a list of efficient PSU’s that meet 80+ standard:


The seasonic brand is excellent, the 550 or 600W model will probably be fine for your application. there are other brands that are much cheaper, and still good quality.

For the motherboard, get one with the P35 chipset, its the latest and there are some affordable models, like the one from Biostar and MSI. There is a webpage for the biostar board where some guy modifies the bios to get all the good options for overclocking.

Go with the Seasonic S12 series or Corsair’s HX, you wont regret it…
I’d have a look at Gigabyte’s lineup, nice boards overall and they have very good onboard sound.

Is the Dell 8400 a standard ATX sized case?

And how is the airflow? With an X1900Xt … it might get a tad warm in there.

No its not a standard ATX case, and on the motherboard topic… what would you guys recommend for a crossfire board?

Afforable P35 MB with crossfire

There are others that are far more expensive.

If you plan to run two x1950xt’s, then you should get atleast a 850W PSU lol :slight_smile:

Adding another x1950xt might be cheap right now, but in the long run getting a single 8800gtx and selling your currnent card will yeild far more performance.

im thinking about running dual hd 2900xt’s but thats only after i finish all the other upgrades

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R is a better choice IMO, better onboard sound and digital outputs for sound. No crossfire support though which I doubt you’ll use in the end.

Nice! well in that case, you’ll still need an ~850W PSU.