Will 812S replace my CD burner?

I am considering an 812S burner but it means I will have to give up my Liteon 52246S CD burner due to lack of space. I will use exclusively Prodisc S03 -R discs( I have read a couple of posts here with scans that seem to indicate they play well together) and I was wondering if I will lose anything significant over the CD drive. I only burn CDs at 24X and I use Nero 5 and almost never have to back up any games anymore. You guys really know your Liteon gear so any insight will be appreciated.


Yes, I have the 812S Black. It Burns CD at 40X. I have Nero 6 and it burns anything to CD without any trouble. I am still having problems backing up DVD with this drive tho. I expect it to be a firmware issue, but I could have missed a setting some where. I’ve read posts that people have been able to get it to work so maybe it’s a hardware issue that needs to be addressed in a future firmware version ? I’ve burned over 325 DVD’s mostly on Ritek DVD-R 4x but have recently been able to burn at 8x and I still have not made a single coster when I use the Win DVD Creator 2 software that came with my Plextor Convert X. However, From reading reviews while looking for a compatible DVD copy program. I found that the speeds listed on the 812S for DVD-R software to be slightly lower then most other drives. Also the CPU usage for CD burning is slightly higher then most other drives. The good points tho are that the 812S is Shorter then most drives. It Burns CD’s, CD-RW’s and DVD+R as fast or faster then most compariable drives. And it uses the same SONY spindel motor and a ROHM BD7902FS single chip spindle motor driver. So it is a good reliable drive and worked as the only drive at startup on my new 64 bit system. As far as other programs and seek time are all tumbs ups. Prices for DVD burners are still droping tho and new dual layer burners are on their way.

the 812s as a CD burner is great…
check this post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=100913

wow i would hate to give up 2:30 burns for over 3 minutes :slight_smile: other than that shouldn’t be a whole lot of difference but i really like both of my 52246’s they are sweet drives.

Yes, it’s kickin’ asses. :cool:

The latest DVD burners can replace CD burners with a slightly slower write speed. I recently haven’t been doing burns above 40x anyway on my 52246S drive dues to problems on discs written above that speed on some CMC cdr media.

I’d like to have all S-ATA systems. Lite-On was also considering S-ATA optical drives but that’s probably delayed into an indefinite future. The new MSI’s drive is not a DVD writer, but a combo. Plextor’s 712SA costs as much as two Lite-On 12x writers. :sad:

When SATA DVD writer drives become inexpensive and easily available, they’ll also replace CD drives and the average price will fall further.

I don’t think it will take SATA to do that, just affordable dvd drives with good cd writing capability. It’s already happening now if you look at how many new computers come with cdrw drives. Most come with a single read drive, and a single write drive; cdrw is less commonly in the mix.