Will 47L9 work for internal IDE 1620? --For much faster speeds?



47L9 is used for BenQ 1620’s quickest transfer speeds with external enclosures, and it has UDMA 3 capacity. Of course, I would like my internal drive on a higher transfer speed. . . Has anybody tried this firmware on internal drives?


Why don’t you try it yourself and report back?


Yah, Really!


Well for those that want to know, it upgrades the drive from UDMA-2 to UDMA-3 which translates to 23 MB/s for B7P9 and 26MB/s for 4L79 when running on an IDE channel. This may be helpful for a system that struggles with 16X burning. I have not noticed any problems, yet…


You are indeed Brave & Courageous!
Wait till danielwritesback reads this!
Are you running the 47LP on IDE? How long have you been operating on 47LP?
Could you post a png of your burst rate?
Post a 16X create Data Disc burn, & Disc Qualilty scans that would include time to burn, using the faster burst rate?
Great experiment.
Please, keep us posted as to any anomalies.


I cannot confirm what worker said. With 47L9 still get udma-2 (burst rate 23mb/s), and cannot burn faster than b7p9. Maybe different mobo? Maybe depends on the media and how often WOPC kicks in. When I burn TY T02 with B7P9 I can get 6 mins for a full burn, or less. My first burn with 47L9 in IDE in Intel865G chipset, doesn’t seem to be faster than B7P9.


I am running 4L79 on IDE. I’ll post burns and scans later if I get a chance. Here’s what the burst rate looks like.


Dumb question, did you reboot after flashing to 47LP?


Good question. but I did not want to ask… :bigsmile:


worker drive seems to be a EW1621??


That is the external version of the 1620. If you flash the 1620 with this firmware that’s what you get :slight_smile:


Here’s a burn with MCC004.


Here’s my scans with CMC E01


One more burn, this time with TY T02. My conclusion is I see no big gain for me and no problems either. As I said earlier, it may be helpful for a marginal system and it will help certain external cases. I plan to get another drive and put it in an external case.


Well, I was wild and crazy and loaded the EW1621 firmware into my OEM DW1620. And I got UDMA-3 in disk controller for the Ew1621.
Using a Verbatim 16X DVD+R MCC004, a known good media.
Much to my surprise I got under 6 minutes, which I have never gotten on my computer.
It is an Asus P4PE w/512 meg ram, Intel chipsets running a P4 2.4 cpu.
Notice the 26 MB/s burst rate, DW1620 B7P9 was 23 MB/s. Also notice I must have the read speed locked at 8X for some dumb reason! [will hafta look into that one!]
Notice the 90 Quality score!!
I think this firmware is a keeper…. :wink:


Yes I reboot the comp after flash.

I remember now, it’s not the mobo, it’s the bios, from Dell. Dell bios won’t run udma-3 for 1620 47L9, and also can’t do udma-4 for my ex plextor 716a. Dell bios limits to udma-2 for ODD. :Z


Are you guys able to flash back to the 1620 firmware?


yes are you all able to flashback to 1620. perhaps TDB’s benq dos flasher will be useful for this. or some kind of fix to the cvt file may be needed

Is the actual time improving at all and how significant is the time improvement?


zevia > That really blows with Dell systems.


zevia, I have a Dell 400sc and when flashed to 47L9 on IDE, I get UDMA 3, 26 MB/s to 27 MB/s burst rates.
Do you have latest MB Bios? Latest Chipset drivers?