Will 3500A be the last generation of NEC?

It is easy to guess a new model with same hardware may appear, like 3510, 3600 or whatever.

But does anyone have an information if NEC is developing or at least planning a new generation of DVDRW? I believe many people will wonder this. What if a 4100A :slight_smile: is announced in 3 month and 3500A become out of NEC’s and firmware tweaker’s interest? (As an owner of 2500A, I believe it will gradually become out of interest in this forum from now on. But that’s the reality everybody has to accept.)

Ideally, we would like for NEC to do the work to create the perfect firmware, making the hacker’s job extra easy.

Nope, I’m done! I won’t be buying any new models. My needs are met with the 2500A supertuned with Herrie’s v2.16 with RPC-1, riplock, Ritek DL, and bitsetting. I bought 100 Ridata (RICHOJPNR01) 4x media and have DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter.

My backups are excellent-plus quality. They take no more than 12-30 minutes to complete, full length, which is plenty fast for my requirements, and I did not spend over $100 for everything all-up, to my door, including taxes! I’m done. You guys can buy the fancy muscle-burners and let me know how you burned eight movies in thirteen seconds to one 16 layered disk. :slight_smile:

by god!!

More realistically, I’ll tell you how I burn eight HD movies to a 2-layer 30GB disk. :slight_smile:

HD-DVD!!! only in 2005… :sad:

More like 1 HD movie or 5 DVD movies. :smiley: