Will 32123S Overclock?

I can’t find the 32125W anywhere on pricewatch.com. So, I’m wondering if the ubiquitous Lite On 32x drive 32123S will overclock with a f/w upgrade? Thanks.


No, it can’t be overclocked.

Most 32123S you will find for sale are actually 32125 but you would have to open the box to find out.

I agree. So that when I took my 40125S apart, it showed to be a 32123S, you know.
Even though I was told then that "they ( LiteOn ) may have just used the same PCB and just slammed a new mediatek chipset supporting 40X ", I cannot whether admit or decline it before I know for sure what’s originally inside the 32123S. I mean I have my proof at hand !

Anyway, Andy, if you want to see my pictures, just PM me and I’ll willingly send you those. BTW, they have been seen @ least by
3 CD Freaks’ residents :wink:

no the 32123S can not overclocked some of my m8’s had got them so they went out and got a 32x or 40x W and updated that np

updated mine 32x to 48 np