Will 1620 faceplate fit 1640?



Just a quick question before I rip them off anyway. Will the faceplate of 1620 fit on a 1640?


No. Not without some modification anyway.


But a 1640 fits my 1655.


The 1640/50/55/70 are all the same, at least from casual inspection.


Looks like my 1650 will have to come out and I’ll put the faceplate from that on my 1640.


If you look at the top of the facepate of the 1620, you will see the difference.:iagree:


You could probably mod it but it will be really loose from my point of view. Meaning you will have to cut some things off.


the hinges are different


On the door? Yes i know that’s why i said moding it will make make it loose. At any rate it will screw it up if you mod it the way i look at it.