Wildly inconsistent Quality test results [3540a]



Here are my graphs of the same media. Either you have a defective drive or got some bad media.

Regarding posting the screenies. If you press the floppy icon at the top of these screens, the software saves the image as a png file. You can upload the png files directly and the size comes out perfectly.


Thanks, I think you’re right. I looked around the forum and many others have got burns similar to yours. I don’t think it is the media’s falut because I’ve tested 3 different batches of TY’s, bought over a period of 1 year. One is branded ‘That’s’, one is unbranded miror finish and one is unbranded but made for a local importer.

The question is:

  1. How bad are the burns up there - are they going to give me problems or is this exagerated?

  2. Do I get another NEC-3540A or do I get a Plextor-716A?
    I want to be able to do quality burns and it seems as if the NEC is so-so in that regard, while the plextor seems like a safer bet. On the other hand its double the price and doesn’t seem to like all media. But then, the NEC doesn’t either :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi :slight_smile:
It does appear that a new drive is the way to go.
In general the 3540 has seemed a reliable performer if a little let’s play it safe approach. So you’ve been unlucky.
Plextor’s 716 is a excellent drive, but expensive & unless you want/need it’s own features a touch exstravagant.
Plextor’s 704 is better to most, but as you’ve no doubt seen is just a BenQ 1640 with Plextor’s logo & f/w. Not that there’s anything wrong with the 1640.
In fact if changing your drive now of the current selection the 1640 would be my reccomendation. If your media isn’t best suited just crossflash & you’ve got a 740 at a lower price. Although in my opinion the 1640 with latest f/w (Solid Burn/OverSpeed etc) you should never be tempted to do this.

If BenQ reliability concerns you. It shouldn’t. Just think for the price of the 716 you could buy two 1640’s. One in use, one spare.


Interestingly, the BenQ does not seem to be available in the UK.
I’ve just looked in 6 online shops and not one had it listed. I found the BenQ-1625 but for a higher price than the 740 and the NEC (which is cheapest).

In fact I’m thinking maybe I should get another NEC and see how that works. Only one other person here has had my particular experience and my unit was one of the first, so later batches may be better?

I don’t want the plextor yet because they’ve just launched a new 16x slot loading drive that would be perfect except for the fact that in typical recent plextor fashion, the model is in ‘alpha’ testing state. In 6 months it could be great though.


Hi :slight_smile:
I agree that the Nec is usually reliable & is a possibility.
For the BenQ try here
or for retail here


Thanks, I’ll consider the BenQ or another NEC. Don’t really want another overpriced plextor,especially since I just found out about how they are attempting to sue the developers of PXlinux.

By the way, how bad would you say my burns were (above)? I’m trying to decide if I should re-do all my recordings from the last two months :frowning:


Hi, do you know if these online shops are reliable? There are a lot of places where your shopping experience can be pretty bad and I don’t know these ones at all (not that that’s a bad thing).

Also, can anyone comment on the scans posted previously? Are these really bad or so-so? Should I re-record them with my new burner?