Wild thins 3 first ripguard DVD?

just wonder if maybe wild things 3 have this new^protection it gave me trouble whit shrink the i riped it whit decrypter in ifo mode some warning pop-up but new im shrinking it and its all going well.

sorry for my bad english lol i think i typed this too fast lol

what i mean shrink will hang like if the disc whas scrached then i used dvd decrypter to rip it in ifo mode and used shrink to make the iso(no need to shrink it) decrypter gave me bad sector error and some error about ifo and bup files at the end but the back-up play #1

The FULL log from DVD Decrypter would help here.

I am just guessing and speculating here, but I do note that Wild Things 3 is another “Sony / Columbia” DVD, which means it is most likely that it has the Sony ARccOS copy protection on it.This is the “structure protection” scheme, and it is NOT the same as “RipGuard.”

If I am correct, then DVDShrink will not rip this, straight from the DVD. DVDDecrypter’s latest version will, with no problems, although you may see some messages go by that appear to be error messages, until you understand them.

And, as mentioned above, this could all be cleared up easily if the originator of this thread would just post the complete log. As always.

Personally, I have serious doubts if this is “Ripguard.”


Arccos confirmed.
For the moment, I don’t know any ripguard protected movie (coming soon, maybe this summer).

Does anyone actually know what RipGuard IS? We all assume it’s just an arccos-like sort of thing, but does anyone know?

Macrovision obviously will keep this a closely guarded secret. Until discs appear with RipGuard protection there is no avenue for analysis.


Are you even allowed to be helpful? I’m not criticizing, just lookin’ out for ya. :wink:

That reply was back in April!

Haha hot damn, I hate resurrected threads. My bad.

Ripguard description:
“One of the key features of the next generation of DVDs is very strong encryption, Blu-ray, for example, uses very, very strong encryption with a code that changes for every six minutes of video. Even if someone were able to crack one of the codes, it would only unlock a small part of the film.” (Macrovision)

:frowning: i c…i wonder how long it will take till ripgaurd won’t matter

That doesn’t describe ripguard at all. It describes the built-in encryption on Blu-ray, with which Macrovision have little to do.

then what does ripguard do?

I read somewhere a time ago, an official statement of macrovision, about 90% of ripping
tools crashes during the rip process, but like i said about 90%! There would be a few tools which could handle with this, but what for tools are not mentioned! It sounds like
the sony arcoss, very similar.

Nobody knows how ripguard process-excepted Macrovision!
It would be so easy to crack it! :slight_smile:
It works with many codes they can change to upgrade the protection.
Maybe a safedisc based encrypted code (?).

Yeah. I’m guessing that they viewed DVD Decrypter as the one that would overcome it and NOT crash. :wink:

It’s all structure-based. It HAS to be, due to the way DVD works.

Safedisc? As in “errors on the disc that get checked by the main program”? No, not likely.