Wild Hogs won't play

Hi everyone! I’m new here and like most people found you when I had a problem that no one could help me with. I bought a new copy of Wild Hogs (from WalMart) and it wouldn’t load on my Akai 3Way Combination - TV, DVD player, VHS player. I telephoned Touchstone at the 800 number on the DVD and they tried to help me. They brought up a copy of the remote control for my set and had me try different things (like hitting the Clear button at a particular time and hitting the play movie button). They suggested that I unplug the unit for an hour or two to give the DVD player a chance to “clear” or “reset”. When that didn’t work I called Akai only to find out that the unit was really made by Samsung. Called Samsung and they determined they could not tell me why the DVD couldn’t be read.

OK - I bought a second Wild Hogs DVD - call me crazy if you want to. The second one wouldln’t load either. Both of the DVDs look like standard DVDs - black plastic containers, not Blu-ray. I have a large DVD collection and have tried several other DVDs since this weird thing happened. They all play just as they always have.

I am reluctant to scrap my TV combination until I have exhausted every resource trying to get to the bottom of this. From reading several of the posts on this forum I decided there was a wealth of knowledge here and hope that I have given enough background information so my particular strange thing can be resolved. Thanks for reading.

Pink Lady

Welcome to the forum, [B]Pink Lady[/B].

You obviously have access to a PC so are you able to play these disks on your PC?

What about trying them in a friends system?

Thanks for the tips. I tried to load the disk on my PC, but I don’t believe my computer can play movies. However, I went out to our RV and tried the disks. Both played on my Emerson DVD player without a hitch. Purchased the Akai in 2004 and the Emerson in 2003, so it’s most likely not “age related”. Since they played on another DVD player, it’s most likely a problem with the Akai. My biggest concern is that this might continue to be a problem on the Akai equipment with DVDs either from Touchstone or perhaps a new manufacturing method.
While it will be fun having a copy of Wild Hogs in the RV, it may not be the only place and time I want to watch it!

Perhaps a cheap DVD player might be the answer. The cheap ones seem to be able to play almost anything they’re given.