Wild buffer and 13x limit on 16x media

Using decrypter and mcc004 (verbatim 16x) I cant hit 16x, and at around 12-13x the buffers goes nuts and go down. It wont go past 13x when burning a 4.5GB dvd. I really need help on this. What can be causing the issue?
This happens on all my drives.
My burst rate is fine on all drives too.
This has really got me down, and Im not getting much help elsewhere.


These are all internal drives correct?
#1 Defragment your harddrives.
Try rolling back your IDE drivers to Microsoft version.
Replace/ try using 80 wire IDE cables.

What is your burst rate(s)?

Burst rates are all 25-26mb/s , drives not fragmented, and I have all new 80 wire cables, plus Ive already uninstalled the IDE channels. In fact Ive reinstalled WINDOWS with hardly anything on there.

are you burning on the fly using to drives rather than burning from the hard drive? if so then it would appear your reader can’t keep up with your burner. secondly if your media you are copying is a DVD+R or DVD-R and not a DVD rom then dont expect full speed reads since virtually all burners ( and most DVD rom’s) read those media’s slower than they read DVD Rom’s.

hmmm, your MCC004 media quality is a slight possibility.
Do you have any YUDEN000T02 to test with? Both your BenQ and NEC should also be able to burn that at 16x.

The read speed isnt the problem, as I stated in the first post, its the WRITING SPEED! :slight_smile:

Same issue. :sad:

what is your configuration? is the burner on the secondary IDE or is it hooked up with the Hard Drive on the primary IDE?

Motherboard chipset and exact IDE controller drivers that you are running ?
Intel Application Accelerator installed?? (uninstall this if so! )

Im running a ABIT AI7 Motherboard, 865 chipset, I use INF drivers which is Intel, and just the windows IDE controller drivers I guess.
When I reinstall windows, I put the latest INF drivers on , (listed as intel motherboard chipset drivers on the site).
No other IDE drivers in particular, I never have.
In device manager under the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, it lists:
Intel 8280 1EB Ultra ATA storage controllers, above the IDE channels. Thats normal though right? Its always there, even before I put the INF drivers on I think.

boobytrap, please answer iss’ question:

Yes, that’s normal.

My HD is a SATA 10,000RPM WD raptor on the onboard SATA controller, by itself obviously.
I have 4 internal burners, 2 on each IDE channel, set to master and slave, no cable select. The problem happens with all of them.
I have tried taking them off to see if there was just too many, but thats not it. The fact that they are all there is fine, I checked that all out.
Is the buffer when burning related to the HD, the RAM, or the CPU?
MY HD transfer rate is fine. I dont THINK I need any other drivers for just a single SATA HD, only for a riad array.
And I dont think that there is any other drivers for the IDE channels right? Just what is already there.

check to see if you have intel application accelerator installed. check both add\remove programs and check the ide channels in device manager if you dont have the Advanced tab in properties or the Atapi\ATA IDE controllers then you have it installed.

The AI7 doesn’t have or can use the Intel Application Accelerator so that is out of the question. I’d suggest making sure to go to:

Go down to where it says about the “Intel 865 Chipset Family” and then click on the link under the section that says “Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility”. Definitely install your chipset drivers, if they aren’t installed it properly explains why you are getting sub-par performance out of your AI7.

The AI7 doesn’t have or can use the Intel Application Accelerator so that is out of the question. I’d suggest making sure to go to:

the 865 does use the Intel application accelerator Raid edition.

So what next???


before you "bump why dont you try answering questions you have allready been asked.

do you have the Intel Application accelerator Raid edition installed?