Wilco: Filesharing is good for music business

I just posted the article Wilco: Filesharing is good for music business.

Chicago based band Wilco was dropped by Reprise records in 2001 over “creative conflicts”. With nothing to lose, the band made a contraversial move and placed the album Yankee Hotel…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9440-Wilco-Filesharing-is-good-for-music-business.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9440-Wilco-Filesharing-is-good-for-music-business.html)

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i love it when bands/buissenesses do something like give all the money to charity. micheal moore did this kinda thing with Farenhieght 9/11 ben :slight_smile:

I like it when someone PROVES that filesharing can actally be good for sales. This also shows how bands can promote themselves without giving an"overhead cost" to the labels. :B It also begs the question why in the heck labels don’t put out new talent that they “think” is no good onto the Internet and let the customer decide. I mean it’s a free test market. It’s obvious they wont promote anything that costs them money unless it sounds like Brittany Spears or Micheal Jackson. :frowning: Were sick of this crap.

Nice interview and once again some actual proof that P2P has economic potential as well. However, losslessly encoded stuff in P2P does sound “as good as the original CD”.

You win the award for the most spelling mistakes so far this week :stuck_out_tongue: I always liked Wilco since the song "Outtasite’. This just proves they are really decent guys.