Wikileaks reveals intellectual property section of the TPP



We’ve just posted the following news: Wikileaks reveals intellectual property section of the TPP[newsimage][/newsimage]
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Without China signing on, it doesn’t really have much teeth.


Basically, the TPP takes the United States’ biggest copyright mistakes, makes them even worse, and then forces them on other countries. There is no oversight, no transparency, no consultation with experts (except those who are so determined to get those laws, they view freedom safeguards as little more than an inconvenience), no concern for the good of the public, all wrapped up in a recently-passed “fast track” law that locks congress out of being able to alter the trade agreement.

There is some good new, though. As bad as things seem, at least the TPP doesn’t carry the force of law… yet. Although congress cannot modify it, they do have the power to approve or veto the agreement. It will probably take a large protest, on par with those used to stop PIPA/SOPA to convince congress to do the latter. But, with intermediary liability (among other things) at stake, another blackout protest might be around the corner. After all, what could be better at encouraging such a protest than the threat of websites, small and large, being shutdown with very little oversight (if any)?