Wikileaks effects on P2P laws in Spain



Seems there are continued aftershocks being felt because of the Wikileaks revelations. A possible P2P measure in Spain has been dropped because Wikileaks has shown just how much pressure the US and its media industry has been placing on the Spanish government.


That is sure giving Wikileaks a lot of power and looting Spain, it’s people, it’s government and legal system of any backbone. Was the government official who made the statement reminded that piracy is illegal? Let’s see, a government urging another government to uphold it’s own laws and the international laws it has agreed to. How evil.

Here’s some real news. How come Spain does not allow any investigations into pre 1975 Facist Generalissimo Franco’s mass murders and burials of said victims? My family comes from Spain, that’s why we left. I’d like to know.

How come Spain does not allow these mass murder burial sites to be dug up and the truth to come out? Why has the Spanish government ousted it’s own judges who try to under the truth?

 These Wikileak interpretations that seem to posted and fostered by some Moderators on this forum are not news.  They border on propaganda and extreme bias.  Again, I said "some Moderators".  Wikileaks are not news, not insomuch as they are the every day workings of every government in the world. This is the way it is done.  Only naive people would think otherwise.  Telling a government that it is not doing enough to counter piracy?  Do you support piracy?  Is that the official position of this forum? 

This is my opinion, just like yours. This type of diversion from real world problems is folly. Do not PM me. If you have something to say then post it. It is just my opinion, just like yours.


I have not stated an opinion in this thread. I merely posted a summary of the article at Ars Technica and a link. If you look at my posting history, you’ll see that I have not made a single post in any Wikileaks story on this site prior to this one.

The EFF link in the Ars Technica article has the nitty gritty on the Wikipedia influence on this decision by the Spanish legislature. If you are interested:


My bad. It read as an affirmation. seems to wish for a free for all. Ii is not the first time I have been to that website. I don’t take their view as doctrinal. There was nothing I read in that article to suggest anything “nitty and gritty”, just a conclusion of some lawyer, or legal correspondent, whatever they call themselves as to their conclusion of copyright laws being enforced, or in this case, not. It seems naive to think that Congress much legislate every item that can or cannot be stolen. Intent of law is paramount, otherwise we face anarchy.

I have designed 3 dimensional models that I have been asked to distribute, in the U.S and in Germany. Think about it, 2 distributors asking for my work, all lined up. I know that within a week of releasing it they will be pirated, as they are in .pdf format. Considering that it would be $10 for the download, of which you could print as many as you wanted and sell the completed model for whatever you wanted to, heck, you could even print out pages and sell them, $10 dollars is not much to ask. Months of work will go down the tubes. 1000’s of dollars worth of CAD software and I can’t even break even on it because of the nature of the beast. So, real world experience trumps theoretical or intellectual masturbation (offered by sites like, not you). You create something, throw it out there, then lose it, it will leave you with a stomach ache.

This not a picture of the finished model, just most of it. The Russian A90 Orlyonok. This model is basically finished. I have unfolded the model and built it. It is around 18 inches long when completed. It is not done with Pepakura or any freeware program. This is done with the same program NASA uses to do the Space Shuttle Tiles. It is to scale and the blueprints were obtained for my by a friend who purchased them in Moscow. I may make an advanced version with a full interior. Maybe not, as of right now, I am the only person in the world with a paper representation of this craft. There are some awesome scratchbuilds made of resin and Revelle made a plastic model which is no longer in production, it was not as accurate.

I hope our government pushes for the interests of our country with all due force and representation. On the other hand, I would not be so foolish to think that someone should go to jail for downloading a pirated version of my model. They can go to Hell, but I wouldn’t wish prison on them.