WikiLeaks accused of acquiring info from peer to peer networks

WikiLeaks accused of acquiring info from peer to peer networks.


The growing controversy involving WikiLeaks continues with new reports claiming that some of the data released by the whistle-blower site was actually harvested from peer-to-peer file sharing networks. Some believe that this hurts WikiLeaks reputation as an organization that supposedly receives most of their confidential information from insider sources.

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It seems to me that it matters little what the source was; what matters is whether or not the published material is accurate.

Well now they are just trying to demonize and discredit everything involved so nobody will believe any of the info is true and they can go on with business as usual. If nobody knows what they are up to there wont be any oversight to make sure nobody oversteps their bounds.
You can’t believe everything the government says any more then you can believe the far right and left so the info needs to come out as long as somebody over there isn’t getting shot becuase of it. Of course they will claim every scrap of info is dangerous and want any info shut down…

I’ve been following this Manning/Assange/ wikileaks matter closely since the “Apache Helicopter” video appeared. And in so doing. What is clear is exactly which media organizations are in bed with the corrupt portions of our Govt. Very easy to spot. When a HEADLINE says. “Pro WIKILEAKS HACKERS attack Paypal.” When it should have read “Anon OPERATION PAYBACK GROUP” attacks Paypal." That tells me the author and probably the media outlet are doling out the Government smear spin.

The comments section will be filled with what I call the polarizers and their one liners like.He needs to be hung. Take him out and shoot him. They are traitors etc.They know who they are. Little do they know stupid and immature they are showing the world they are.This is a life and death matter. That begs for common sense and rational thinking. And indeed action

Does it not bother any of you here that the, “TIVERSA” info comes from a paid in bed with our FBI Company? Does it not bother any of you that a private company is monitoring 1.5 billion emails and downloads per day? What court
order authorizes this behavior? And finally. Does it not bother any of you that the PATRIOT ACT got renewed today without a peep from mainstream media? I know it bothers me.

In that entire Bloomberg article all I saw were words like Suggest, claim, can, could, might, 4 ip addresses in Sweden, all of it nothing more than extended smear. poppycock and etc. Not one statement that reads. We have proof that
wikileaks is getting it’s data from p2p’s. When are people going to get it? One of the very corner stones of our once great nation are based on freedom of speech and press.

That fact is. Some of those documents do show illegal behavior, many show unethical behavior. You have to realize that all this effort to put the focus on Assange/wikileaks is being generated by the corrupt portion of our govt. officials, their appointee’s and corporate masters and partners in crime. For cryin out loud. This is not whiling away the hours on a slow news week. This is serious.

So the government condemns P2P, but yet uses it for confidential information? Why does this not really surprise me? As for proof from the government, “That would be classified information.” Why is my government acting like my parents back in the 80’s? Do as I say, not as I do.