Wii's dirty secret: A dearth of good games

Story is here > http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/91615/wiis-dirty-secret-a-dearth-of-good-games/

Agreed … very few GOOD games for the Wii …
But most of the games are great for a quicky laugh … but is a few hours of laughing really worth the price that they are demanding for these games?

And on an off-topic note:
I still can’t believe I paid for Unreal Tournament 3 for the PC …
If you haven’t bought it … download it … It’s just Unreal 2004/2003 … with better graphics, and all the fun taken out.

At any rate … the whole discussion will end up a discussion of PS3/Xbox360/<insert new generation consoler here> vs Wii.
But it’s not comparable.

PS3 is the Ferrari …Xbox is the BMW … Wii is the dune buggy :stuck_out_tongue:
Designed different … for different purposes.
The Wii is just fun :stuck_out_tongue: