Wii USB Loader GX Themes

what you need

[li]USB Loader GX[/li][li]some themes[/li][/ul]

default setting

[li]create a folder in the root of your SD card named wtheme sd:\wtheme[/li][li]copy the contents of the theme folder to the wtheme folder[/li][/ul]

saving more than one theme to your sd card

[li]move the theme folder to your sd card wtheme folder sd:\wtheme hemename[/li][li]switch themes from USB Loader GX settings, the default password is ab121b[/li][/ul]

the default theme for USB Loader GX is a wii menu look-a-like.

this site is the the official theme database, some pretty cool stuff.

here is the one im currently using its called Monkey Man

Ok, I have USB Loader installed and its been working for a long time. I just recently found that you can change the themes. I downloaded a theme and put the folder inside the SD:/usb-loader/wtheme folder.

When I start USB Loader (from a channel that I installed from a WAD) it loads the default theme. So I go into the settings and change the theme path to SD:/usb-loader/wtheme/Snake (snake is the name of the folder with the Snake theme) then save the settings, and the theme remains as the default. I even reboot USB loader and still nothing.

Any ideas?

Nevermind, I tried a different theme and saw a few image changes. Thanks.

I love the monkeyman theme but, How did you get rid of the banner at the top that shows abc, grid, favorites,etc. and tour font is different also

that image is taken straight from the usb loader gx themes site.

all i do is download the themes and place theme on the sd card. i have not edited any of them for my own use.

also the link to USB Loader GX is no longer updated.

go here instead - http://usbloadergx.koureio.net/

Ok I have it all working but mine has a task bar at the top of the screen for what king of layout you want, maybe it comes with the newer usb loader gx versions