Wii USB Loader GX Background Music

Converting MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, FLAC or WAV to OGG using Pazera Free Audio Extractor for use with USB Loader GX Custom Background Music


[li]Pazera Free Audio Extractor[/li]
[li]Alternate http://www.mediafire.com/?mzwtm4qth45[/li][/ul]

Pazera Free Audio Extractor 1.3
Extract audio tracks from video files to MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA or WAV. AVI to MP3, FLV to MP3, AVI to WAV

Pazera Free Audio Extractor is an absolutely free application that extracts audio tracks from video files without loss of sound quality or convert them to MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, FLAC, OGG or WAV format. The application supports all major video formats (AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, RM, 3GP, WMV, VOB and other), moreover, allows the conversion of music files, so it can be used as a universal audio converter. The program has a number of predefined settings (profiles) specially designed for novice users. While more advanced users can customize audio encoding parameters for its own needs.


Extract the files to a folder and run the program standalone, no installation required.

[li]Click the File List menu[/li][li]+ Add files to list…[/li][li]Browse to the input audio file[/li][li]Select the Output Directory[/li][li]Select the Output Format as OGG - OGG Vorbis (stereo)[/li][li]Output file size limit : 3 MB[/li][li]Click the File menu[/li][li]Convert checked files[/li][/ol]

A new window will appear with a progress bar. After a few seconds when the progress bar reaches the end, your done. Just place the OGG file in sd:/config/backgroundmusic/ .

Changing the Background Music

[li]Place the OGG file in sd:/config/backgroundmusic/[/li][li]Go to USB Loader GX Settings[/li][li]Sounds[/li][li]Background music[/li][li]Select which file you would like to play[/li][/ul]