Wii System Menu 4.3 DO NOT UPDATE



this has just been released today June 21st 2010.

so far the only real concerning information i have to report right is that this update does stop Bannerbomb exploit and will remove Homebrew Channel.

new system menu IOS80
new system menu v513 [USA]
new shop channel v19
new EULA v3

2 new IOS

  • IOS58-v6175
  • IOS80-v6943

21 IOS updated

  • IOS9-v1034
  • IOS12-v525
  • IOS13-v1031
  • IOS14-v1031
  • IOS15-v1031
  • IOS17-v1031
  • IOS21-v1038
  • IOS22-v1293
  • IOS28-v1806
  • IOS31-v3607
  • IOS33-v3607
  • IOS34-v3607
  • IOS35-v3607
  • IOS36-v3607
  • IOS37-v5662
  • IOS38-v4123
  • IOS53-v4123
  • IOS55-v5662
  • IOS56-v5661
  • IOS57-v5918
  • IOS61-v5661


Thanks! Guess it’s time to disable Wii Connect 24 again.


here is an update of the 4.3 fixes:

  • Deletes the Homebrew Channel and DVDX, title IDs HAXX, DVDX, JODI, DISC, and DISK.
  • Now uses IOS80.
  • IOS254 stubbed BootMii is deleted.
  • Fixed Bannerbomb less stupidly this time.
  • Added IOS58.
  • HackMii Installer Userland+Syscall IOS exploit removed
  • NANDFS privilege escalation fixed
  • ES_AddTitleFinish now checks the signature (Trucha Bug Restorer and similar won’t work anymore)


It seems the Smash Stack and Indiana Pwns exploits still work.


I saw something about this on Slashdot too . . . thanks for the heads-up.


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2527219]It seems the Smash Stack and Indiana Pwns exploits still work.[/QUOTE]

yes these exploits are still functional.

however, HackMii Installer is not working at the moment. We need to wait for Team Twiizers to release an update.

Also, Trucha Bug Restorer or other apps [such as dop-mii and pimp my wii] which use code from Trucha Bug Restorer are non functional. TBR is essential to downgrading and installing patched IOS to allow for other apps to run.

if your wii was already hacked [properly] and you updated to 4.3 then you could still run custom channels, such as USB Loader GX and play games using IOS250.

if your wii has a vulnerable boot1 allowing the installation of BootMii/boot2, and you already [prior to 4.3] have the updated boot2v4, then you could run RestorMii and perform a NAND restore and your wii will return to the same state as it was before the update was applied.