Wii outsells PS3 3:1 in Japan during July



I just posted the article Wii outsells PS3 3:1 in Japan during July.

The Nintendo Wii game console outsold the Sony PlayStation 3 by 3 to 1 in Japan during July, according to an article published by Japanese game magazine Enterbrain. Through the four weeks in…

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But Wii doesn’t have a Bluray player or snazzy graphics!! How can this be!! There must be something wrong here…


The Xbox 360 is sold out in Japan right now according to what I can read on the Interwebs. So, it’s either a Wii or a PS3…now what would you buy? :bigsmile: The Ninntendo Wii is a lot of fun for families and you actually have to get off your dead ass to play it. I like it. The graphics may not be as fancy as a PS3- but they are classy and funny too. I like the smoke around a players head when they miss ashot in tennis.


I wonder how much pressure an additional price cut will but on Sony in the future. Nintendo will continue to do what its doing with the Wii and not worry about the other two, especially since Nintendo’s sales numbers are so high. But Sony, in my opinion, doesn’t have any more room to give to Microsoft if they manage to ship a console for under $200.

Either way, it looks like this holiday shopping season will again be a nice one for console gamers – even people new to console gaming!


The Wii is attracting a large customer base because it is cheap, they have exclusive games that are actually FUN and it is focused on one thing: gaming.

Personally, when I looked at the options, I wanted to get the most bang for my buck, so the PS3 was the clear choice for me. The most powerful hardware, the best graphics, great games, online connectivity & gaming, media streaming, a Blu-ray player and more! From my perspective, it was no contest.


The Wii is for the casual gamer and is not going to supply the hardcore games for hardcore gamers…Thus PS3 and even Xbox will sell more consoles in this generation then the Wii


Maybe a long ass ways down the road, when 8th gen consoles are already out and by then whocares. Nintendo makes more per console then either of the other 2 systems. So not only is it selling more, but they are making more per console sold.


PS3 the most powerful hardware ? Er, no. Read comments made by John ‘3D God’ Carmack about the PS3 - he certainly doesn’t think so. Quit with the illusion that the PS3 is ‘better’ - it’s not, technically.


I honestly don’t know how they sell so many units, I haven’t seen a single Wii console in the stores for nearly 5 months now.

And recently one of the stores is doing some sort of drawing to give 5 people a chance to buy the Wii console.

Several people I’ve talked to tell me they’ve either resold their Wii, or it’s just sitting in the corner, collecting dust.


@ Lash
They are selling more consoles right now. But this as well all fads and novelty items shall come to an end. The Wii isn’t a gaming console, it is a “cool” fad for little kids and senior citizens. By this gen I meant this current gen of consoles. Microsoft won’t allow Nintendo to sell the most consoles. MS will spend billions to steal anything either Sony or Nintendo come up with in order to out sell them both. nintendo will be surpassed first by Xbox and then by Sony. Sony will eventually sell the most consoles with MS second and nintendo last

@ Vic M

Which console has more power then? The Cell processer is untapped thus far and when game developers finally get the full use of it we will truly see it’s potential. Untill then it still has better graphics and features than any of the other consoles. That in it’s self makes the most powerful console out.


The wii is a great buy over all the consols as you don’t just sit there and wait and push buttons only.


You can find Carmack’s comments about the PS3 at XBOX365:

Not that I want to diminish the enthusiasm of the fanboy arguments but basically he says that the PS3 has higher theoretical performance but it’s harder to write code that takes advantage of it. As usual, it’s a matter of hardware complexity vs. development tools ease-of-use, not “good” vs. “bad”. His presentation at QuakeCon 2005 gives a good overview of the challenges:


WTF is this about??? All retailers in North America are on Nintendo’s AUTO REPLEN program … Only European and Asian Retailers can order what they want this has been like this since the WII release… Nintendo does want thousands of consoles going back to them working fine… Americans need to friken learn how to use a phone and call companies up for problems… The moronic mentallity of bringing products back to the stores is why we are loosing Good Vendors left and right…Nintendo, Sony and Microsofot have put all US retailers on auto replen… BUT NOT for european areas because they DON’T HAVE REFUNDS!!! So any jackass can see that Nintendo and other companies are sick and tired of the dumb ass American consumers abusing refund policies… All heil Nintendo for doing the right thing… Make it look like you dont have enough LMAO yet Europe can order all they want!!! … gnight (Best Buy Employee)


@ Coolios

Um dumb ass Americans? Wow, you’re an idiot. See in the land of the free and the home of the brave when we buy a POS and we think it sucks we TAKE it back to the store. LMAO at you since it seems that you’re stuck with the junk after you buy it. By the way, Sony and MS are in every store all over the country and THE SECOND THEY SELL OUT THERE IS A NEW SHIPMENT THAT SAME WEEK. You don’t know the policies of the stores in the USA just because you stock shelves for Best Buy


“The Cell processer is untapped thus far and when game developers finally get the full use of it we will truly see it’s potential. Untill then it still has better graphics and features than any of the other consoles. That in it’s self makes the most powerful console out.”

No, that is not the case. It is certainly not the ‘most powerful’ console on the market. And where are the hi-def resolutions that Sony were so excited about ? GTA on the PS3 runs at a lower res than the 360, and upscales to give a pseudo anti-aliasing effect… oh dear (that’s just one example).


@ RTV71, that John Carmack video is from 5/10/2006 and the 2nd article is from 8/12/2005! Talk about out-dated information!

When the PS3 was first released, all developers thought it was tough to program for, because it was a brand new platform that no one was familiar with! Fast forward to this year and many developers are saying that the PS3 is now easier to program for, with more support coming from Sony.


Ya nice comment jackass… That’s why companies like Thompson and Grundig ( Best LCD and PLasmas in the world PERIOD). don’t sell to US market… Like they are stupit… Best buy lost Olevia Brand because of morons not keeping the product… Now I have to ask your small brain this question… If you don’t want to keep a product they why the fuck did you buy it in the first place??? Shut up and take it. Refund polices make dumb consumers… that is why Europe has the best Electronics right now EVERYTHING JUST WORKS!!! let’s not even talk about cell phones because they are laughing at us!!! You walk into a store buy the phone open the package and fuckin CALL!!! all phones are already activated there… Hence why I am going to live there …China don’t give a damn about US anymore not with the euro at 1.65 … hence why you see only crap in the US market…


Oh forgot to mention a 27 mb connetion is $35 us dollars there. Internet sucks ass here…Oh and moving right along … you put money on your cell phone from any fuckin ATM machine that has been like that for 10 years !!!.. oh and you want more moron?? The cell phone network is tied with wireless WIFI so anywhere there is cell phone coverage you have F$$$ internet…what you want me to keep going? sure np… People have portable internet there 7mb connection with a USB wifi… you can have internet anywhere there is cell phone coverage price is $20 euros a month ( totally portable internet)

Any questions on how dumb connectivity is here??

We are 100 years behind moron!!!


@ Coolio

Ok if you think you can go live in another country and be better off by all means please do go. I just hope they need night shelf stockers in one of these fantasitc retail stores so you can have a job. As for why buy it and then take it back…Hmmm lets see. Maybe the asshole at the store tells you a bunch of Bull shit about how good the product is and you get it home only to find out that it is in fact a piece of shit. Then you take it back. Thats the way of thr FREE world. You think that your going to go live in China and be treat like a citizen…LMAO. You’re from the west asshole they already hate you. have fun getting ass raped in a Chinesse prison buddy


Ps. In Europe they have a clause in anything they buy. If it doesn’t work right or they feel like it is not was it was advertised as they get their money back no questions asked.