Wii outsells combined Xbox and PS3 sales

I just posted the article Wii outsells combined Xbox and PS3 sales.

Microsoft came with the announcement that they’ve outsold Sony’s Playstation 3 last March, but forgot to say that Nintendo’s Wii was the absolute winner. One game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14531-Wii-outsells-combined-Xbox-and-PS3-sales.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14531-Wii-outsells-combined-Xbox-and-PS3-sales.html)

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lol, but the PS3 has Bluray! No, it can’t be true! :slight_smile:

Wait to see the figures after MGS4 and GT5 come out.
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I still can’t understand how the Wii console is outselling MS & Sony. Since the Wii was released, I’ve only seen it in the stores 1 TIME, just ONCE & I didn’t have my credit card on me at the time. Still wondering thou, has anyone found out if the Wii shortages are self-induced to create demand, or if they really don’t have the resources to produce enough to have a few on the shelves from time to time.

shaolin007 wrote" lol, but the PS3 has Bluray! No, it can’t be true! " You SONY Haters are becoming very BORING…think you all need to get out more!!!

Its very obvious why the wii has outsold them, its really a no-brainer. You can’t even put them in the same playing field. The wii is in a class of its own. Have you ever played one? It’s design more for a younger kids’ generation and is much more affordable. PS3 and Xbox is designed for a slightly more mature crowd. And by law of attraction more kids will get a wii than adults buying a PS3 or Xbox. Just two very different price points designed to reach two different audiences. I played the wii and thought it was a little fun but got bored real quick because of unrealistic and poor graphics. It was a joke. If you want to swing a bat go outside and play ball! But I can see how youngsters are attracted to it. And since kids will always be nagging parents buy me this and buy me that then it’s obvious that parents will opt for the least expensive of the two.
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