WII hacked by group to play disc backups

I just posted the article WII hacked by group to play disc backups.

According to this Inquirer story, it looks like the WII may have been successfully hacked to play disc backups, with the development of a mod chip by the group called the ‘Ninja team’. Going by…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12944-WII-hacked-by-group-to-play-disc-backups-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12944-WII-hacked-by-group-to-play-disc-backups-.html)

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Another chip CycloWiz is announced. And promise : - Quicksolder (no wires required) - Plays Wii Backups - Plays GC Backups - Play GC Homebrew - Play GC Imports (swap needed) - Built-in Audiofix (GC games using streaming are working flawlessly, no patch needed) - DVD-R / DVD+R support - Optional chip disable wire - Stealth even when chip is enabled - Multi-purpose LED The chip is supposed to be shipped by the end of the week, so in fact this may be the first “real” Modchip to reach the market! I won’t post any url. But try seek it up, to get the pictures of it.

have to say, i’m a bit of a sceptic about all of this. hope i’m wrong though

This would be great… I like the Wii! It has a very different way of playing than the other consoles…

i just hope that this will not turn off wii developers, and this could help wii sales unless there is a ps3 mod chip or iso booter, i don’t think ps3 will be hard sell at this price point.