Wii game disk

Can a Wii game disk be copyed? If so How?

There are a handful of optical drives out there that can read Wii (and Gamecube) disks, and there is some reading software out there that does the ripping (RawDump). It’s a slow process, taking several hours (I believe) per disk. Google turns up this link: http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/471073


P.S. in order to play any backup you will need a Mod chip for your game station

Can a Wii game disk be copyed? If so How?

the best and fasted way to make a backup copy of a wii game disc is using a Wii USB Loader. you can then play the games from a usb drive or flash card. also you can then copy the game to your computer and burn it to a blank dvd-r.

mod chips are no not needed to play backup disc, you just need to install the homebrew channel and few small files.

just get an external USB hard drive and connect it to your wii, i play all my games from the hard drive, i do not use disc anymore.