WiFi issues in most recent Insider builds and VPN becomes unmanageable

I have earlier warned about the Windows insider program, arguing that this is a way for Microsoft to avoid paying professional beta testers.

For the most recent Wi-Fi problem, Microsoft has addressed the insiders with request for information

Hello Insiders,

We’re investigating reports of users saying their Wi-Fi randomly drops from their mobile device.

Symptoms seem to vary a bit, so we’d like to gather some details:

[li]Device make/model[/li]> [li]Firmware revision number [ Settings > system > about > more info][/li]> [li]Type of network (home, work, public hotspot)[/li]> [li]Network frequency (2.4ghz, 5ghz, etc.)[/li]> [li]Recovery: How do you fix it? (Toggle Wi-Fi on/off? Reboot phone? Other?)[/li]> [li]Any other details you believe to be relevant[/li]> [/ul]
If you have submitted this issue in the Feedback Hub (or added a +1 to an existing submission), please share thank link here as well so we can collate them together.

Thank you as always!

– Jason

What the note does not say is that it is mostly mobile devices and that it affects the three latest builds, 14366, 14367 and 14372.

For 14372 reports on the net also include non-working VPN connections.
If you have joined the insider program, and your VPN failed after applying the latest build, the work-around is to go back to 14367.

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