Wiered members box comming up on thread on Forum

Yesterday i was browsing a thread on CDfreaks, and when i clicked on the second page for that thread a wiered members entry box came up.


i did it a few times and everytime i clicked to go onto the second page the same thing came up.

I then tried it again today and yup same thing happening on page two of that thread.

Is it me doing something wrong, or is there some sort of malware hidden somewhere on that forum page making this come up all the time.


Looks like it comes from a (third party) banner, it is not in any way related to services on this forum.

Post #36, mikeyjames probably had imposed protection to his page. Editing/deleting the link to his images should fix it.

Apparently, the issue was caused by a post mikeyjames had made. This user had two images hosted on a password-protected content provider, which means that when the browser tries displaying them, it prompts a logon box. If the box is cancelled or closed off, the images simply appear as red X’s.

I have removed the images from the post, which means that this box should no longer appear. :disagree: