Wierd thing happend



After upgrading to version every time when i run AnyDVD, after about 20 minutes following message appear.
“File corrupted! Please run a virus-check, then reinstall AnyDVD”
I did reinstall it twice, same thing.
Anyone have any idea what’s happening.
I would appreciate any help.


Well SlySoft has answered this before ->


My suggestion is stop being a thief and legally purchase the product.

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I thought these post were gone but they returned.

zagorka, read my siggy slysoft is well aware of this issue and it’s not there programing.


Ya, and the dumb dumb posted the error message in RED!! … Ha, ha, ha, ha … excuse me officer, I’m a thief, please arrest me! All he had to do was do a cdf search for the error message and he could have avoided getting busted. So that makes him a lazy a**, dumb, dumb, thief.


LOL what a moron his crack don’t work anymore and he comes here for help, hehe LMAO :disagree: :disagree: :disagree:


Oh no. It happens again. :doh:


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