Wierd sound closing CD-DVD Speed

When I close CD-DVD Speed, I get this wierd sound, like a Windows Error sound with the new Version Anyone else? It does not happen with

Not for me Alan and i have been using it ( a lot lately for a few days now.

I probably downloaded a bad version

Hi :slight_smile:
I get this sound too! :doh:

Try putting your hearing aid in Rolling56 ( just j/king) Turn up your speakers. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I turned up my Klipsch and X-Fi sound card up over half way and it don’t hear anything sorry. Does it matter it you click on the X or click on Exit? I tried both ways and still get nothing.

It could be that i have windoze sounds turned off :bigsmile: I’ll turn them on and try.

Edit 2:
Yep i get it when i have windoze sounds on :eek: :iagree:

There’s a new version out ??? Someone should announce them much more loudly…

Anyways, i just downloaded it, and i have that annoying sound too :frowning:

Btw. Is there a changelog somewhere around ?

So whats the story with this sound, its sounds like a Windows error sound doesn’t it. I am not using this version until I find out more.:disagree:

I don’t know. I requested it from a member here as i don’t have Nero.

Guess i’ll go back to also.

Surely Erik Deppe would have heard this unless he has windoze sounds off like i do :doh:

This version has been out for a few days already, you would have thought someone might have mentioned it.:confused:

I have a poll in the living room to see if anyone uses windoze sounds and a lot of members here don’t use them. You would still think someone would have heard it though before you did.

Its definitely a Windows sound, not a Nero sound, so there may be a conflict someplace. This sound is very disconcerting as I have only heard it when Windows makes an error.:doh:

yeah that’s why i don’t have windoze sounds running. I’d rather see the error pic than hear it when i have my volume turned up listening to music :bigsmile:

I probably should have posted this in the media testing forum, more people would have seen it, but it has really nothing to do with the test itself, but more to do with the way Nero is putting its package together. They had to hear this when they beta tested it.:confused:

Any of the mods/admins know how to contact Erik Deppe personally?

Not me thats for sure.:o

I noticed C0deKing had a few weeks ago i wonder why he has not said anything about it. Can you get a hold of him and pass the word Alan :slight_smile:

Yes I will ask him about it. I am amazed that noone has mentioned this. If Windows is picking up an error there must be a reason why. Call me nosey.:o

I’d agree, loads of users of the software in there.

That’s what the forum’s for - “Media Testing/Identifying Software” - e.g. CD-DVD Speed, KProbe etc. Plus Erik Deppe drops in there from time to time :wink:

I believe it is a Lite-On alert* (hence COdeKing hasn’t noticed) thats gone crazy! :Z
*Warning you are about to spend a minute of your life waiting for the leadin. :stuck_out_tongue: