Wierd Problem

I just brought a simple BTC 52 speed cd reader β€œF565E” and am having a little problem.

I’m running the drive under windows xp pro, and it is usable apart from it wants to look for a driver every startup :confused:

Any help or driver, or hammer :a would be handy please :bow:


You won’t get an answer any quicker if you start getting impatient, in fact it puts people off.

What driver does it ask for? Do you mean a cd-rom drive driver? Did you get a driver disk? maybe a Windows generic driver is required.


okay i will make it simple :smiley:

Just brought a brand new BTC 52 speed cd rom drive model F565E
This drive does not come with any driver, because it expects your operating
system will cope with it by generic driver from your operating system cd.

Only problem is, i am running xp pro and even though it will accept it as a working drive it reports a driver problem every startup or restart

IE: it will search for a driver every time and then find none, but still work anyway and report the driver problem

If everything works like it should, you should not need any specific CD ROM driver under any of the later Windows versions, but I’m not telling you anything new, am I?

So, I’d begin with assuming a Windows fault. Why not delete the appropriate IDE channel and the CD ROM drive from the device manager, reboot and let Windows find its bits and pieces again.

You may be lucky. At least you won’t be any worse off than you are now.

Regards, Martin A

think i gave that ago already, but what the hell

like you say nothing to loose :smiley: