Wierd Problem

So I have two old Magicspin DVDRW4Ds…stole them from an old machine I gutted that was my dad’s. I have only one in and it is able to read both CDs and DVDs. When I put a blank Memorex 16x DVD+R in the drive icon goes from saying that it is a “DVD-RW Drive” to “CD Drive”. The moment I open the tray it reverts. When I try to burn a DVD it doesn’t because it says I don’t have enough room on the disk or something. Worst case I go buy a new burner…but if anyone have any ideas I would be interested in them.

That’s a Windoze glitch. Nothings wrong.

Is your hard drive getting full? Do you have 8 gigs left in hard drive?

The drives firmware is probably to old to recognize those discs and i doubt you will find new so the drive will burn at some slow speed.