Wierd problem with sony dru-510a

Here’s a wierd one.

Im running Win XP Pro SP1A, Nero 6, and DVD Shrink 3.2

I’ve been using Mirror 4x DVD-R’s for the past 6 months on my Sony DRU-510A with no problems, then just the other morning it stopped recognising them. It would still write to CDRs and DVD+Rs, and would read all formats. Nero just kept trying to initialise the drive, then said the media could be defective so I tried 5 different discs with no success. I then tried a +R and it wrote straight away.

Any ideas?


Mirror DVD-R media are rebadged media. This means that the company that produces Mirror media actually purchases media from other companies, puts a Mirror label on them and resells them as Mirror media. It could very well be that you bought media from different batches and that this “new” batch isn’t compatible with your writer.
To check if that’s the case, you have to check what media is underneath the Mirror lable. For doing so, we have this wonderful tool called DVDIdentifier. Check the media code (MID).

You could try to update the firmware of your writer, as this might help.

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Many thanks. I’ll check it out - must admit its wierd though, discsfrom same spindle.lol.

Hi again - tried the DVDInfo program - even it wouldnt accept that there was a blank dvd-r in the drive , but interestingly the drive info page shows that the drive does not support them in the first place, even though it does according to sony.

Tried updating firmware - same result. Any ideas pls?

Sorry to keep posting - ran an earlier firmware and now the drive says it supports -r’s, but still won’t recognise them - dvdinfo says sense error.

:bow: Problem solved - your pointer to the discs was spot on! Even within the same spindle, some recognised and some didn’t. I was down to 5 so I thought i’d test them. Only one recognised - came up as an InfoSpeed disc. Many thanks for your assistance in this matter. :slight_smile: