Wierd problem on lite-on 812S


I have been having a Pacific digital 8X (which identifies itself to be a lite-on SOHW 812S) drive for nearly a year now.

I had burnt nearly 100 DVD +R and 10 DVD +RW so far. Suddenly my system crashed and i was forced to reinstall XP (damn M$!!).

The problem was that the drive was working perfectly for CD (read and write) but not for DVD. It was not able to recognize any DVD (both legal movies which i bought in the US or data DVD’s that i had burnt). So after some searching i upgraded the firmware to US0S, but still no avail. I then tried to install the ASPI drivers for Windows XP (some post seemed to say that, though i have the faintest idea of what it does) and suddenly some of my DVD’s were recognizible. Though, i remember that previously when everything was ok, i had never installed any such thing.

However, my drive still does not recognize the DVD’s i burnt (and i tried multiple ones) nor does it recognize new DVD’s.

Has anyone had this problem, it has become such a pain for the past 1 week now.

I removed the region encoding using LtnRPC.

Any help here would be most appreciated…

sounds like the drives dvd part is dying or alredy dead. only solution is a new drive.

But that sounds hard to believe since it was able to recognize some of the movies that i bought…only the disks that i had burnt are not being recognized…

remove the ide channel the drive is connected to from the device manager and reboot.


That really did work…atleast so far, the DVD’s that I had burnt are now recognized, still to try checking whether it recognizes blank DVD’s…will check and let you know…

ok, it is now back to sqare one, maybe u were right in that the dvd component of it is dying…

it does not recognize blank drives and now, it does not recognize any dvd’s as well, back to the gloom…

any way for me to find out if the dvd component is kaput or working?

could it be something wrong with the firmware? maybe some error during flashing?

You could try reflashing, but I’m afraid chok0 is more than likely right, here.

If it’s “hit and miss” like this it’s probably out/on its way out. The good news is you can grab a newer LiteON or BenQ for not all that much. Nice DVD-RW drives are finally getting in to the $40-50 USD range.