Wierd Problem - Help

I have a NU DDW-081 and have been burning DVDs, wife wanted a CD burned and now the player will not recognize that I have a CD audio blank or regular CD audio in the player. It has to be a setting but can not figure it our, driving me crazy. Any suggestions



A “player” can nothing do with a BLANK media, even recognizing them is not possible.

In case of the burner, maybe re-installing the drive (Devicemanager) and the burning app is a good idea.

nero does not recognize a disk is in the drive for burning and requests a disk be entered when one is already there. Have already uninstalled and reinstalled software and hardware with no solution of the problem


What media type requests Nero and what media type have you inserted???

burning with Nero 6 an audio CD which I used CDR Fuji. I have the disk in for the program and when it gets to the burn or if you select disk info it says there is no disk in the drive. Not that it can not read but no physical disk. I also tried putting a commerical CD in the drive and use NERO info tool which also said there was no CD in the drive.
However from scanning the forum it looks like alot of people do not use their DVD burners to burn CDs so since I have tried everything I can think of I am going out tonight and buy a LiteOn for just the CDs. But would still like to know why it worked before I started to burn the DVDs and now it does not. Would any of the codecs that I loaded or Main Concept effect the drives ability to go back to a cd vs DVD burn mode?


I think they cannot have any effect on that.

scanned the forums and there are threads with the same problem on LITEON and BenQ. I am going to change the operating system from wK2 pro to XP to see if it fixes the problem but still buy the other drive anyway. Thanks for the help