Wierd open sessions on DVD?



My bro recently went skydiving and got a DVD of his jump. He was bummed that it wouldn’t work on his laptop or set-top players. I borrowed it and here’s the lowdown: My TDK burner doesn’t even recognize it at all and that’s likely a driver issue since I hardly use it so haven’t kept it updated. My Lite-on shows it as having a total of zero bytes with a total of zero free. But, if I open Nero Showtime and point it towards that drive as the source, the quick 10 minute video plays fine. Using Nero’s disc info it shows three tracks (24, 1 and 333 MB) with the latter being Data and the 24mb being ‘unknown’. Also it shows the Session as being open (my guess as to why the disc won’t play on set-tops). I was able to make a copy but it has the same issues and remains as an open session. I’ve tried to close from the Nero Disc Info panel but get errors. If nothing else, I’d love to know how to extract that 333mb file and make a new DVD from scratch.


Tried it in DvdShrink or DVd Decrypter yet?


Yep, sorry, DvdShrink was my initial attempt. It doesn’t recognize anything in the drive. Haven’t reinstalled Decrypter since my last reformat since Shrink pretty much decrypts everything. Will give it a go, but I’m not optomistic…