Wierd Noise When Closing Drive

Hello i am a newbie in this forum first of all i would like to introduce my self my name is Marcos i live in Miami and i have been into computers for ever i am currenty a lead tech at a circuit city location and i like to go on tech forums, now for my question i just purchased a plextor px-740a and when i open the drive it makes no noise, however when i close it it makes a slight tick sound the device works fine but i think i might need to rma it??? any opinions?

All drive doors make sounds when they open and close. As long as the burner is working and the noise does not get worse im sure your safe. “Slight tick” is a relative term in the ear of the beholder. :slight_smile:

I guess I should ask this. Is the tick the same both with and without a disc in the burner and is it a single tick or a series of tics? A series of clicks may be a sign that as the disc starts to spin up it’s hitting something. That would likley be cause for an rma.

The ticking sound is common on the BenQ 1640’s. It is the laser lens focusing on the media and then being put back to its resting position.

Mine made the noise (more noticable on bad quality disc) and it was still going strong when I updated to the DW1655.

BTW, incase you didn’t know the PX740 is a rebadged BenQ1640.

“BTW, incase you didn’t know the PX740 is a rebadged BenQ1640”

At 3 times the price :bigsmile:

But only half the features.

Woops forgot that :bigsmile:

ok lol i feel good about getting the drive now, the drive does the ticking sound when the tray is fully opened and i hit the close button, it starts to close and you hear a slight tick. There does not seam to be any problems with the drives as i burned 30+ cd’s last night.

Cool Beans Dcm: 30+ you in business? LOL
sorry playoffs are tomorrow, superbowl is coming up, life is good :iagree: