Wierd Nero Problem

Hi All, I have had a Ricoh burner working on nero for a long time.
I recently upgraded my computer, and burning with Clone CD still works fine, but if I try to burn with Nero, it makes it to exactly 6%, then just sits there… the “time elapsed” counter just keeps on ticking up, but the burn doesn’t progress. If I force a quit, it of course coasters the cd, and not only that, if I then try to eject or do anything to the burner drive, it takes down the ENTIRE SYSTEM. I’m using XP. If anyone could suggest why its doing this I would be very greatful. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling etc etc, and I am using the latest version.


1.? Did the burner come with the Nero software bundled or other software? (Reason I ask, is that some burners will not work with Nero if the firmware is not written for it - this was a common failure in earlier CD-RW drives)

  1. Did you DISABLE the (any) Anti-Virus before you installed each component of Nero 2a) Nero then 2b) InCD?

  2. Have you disabled the IMAPI - In the “Services” (Administrative Tools - Services) is the “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service” on ‘Manual’ or as recommended by Roxio, on “Disabled” If you need to change this, right mouse click on the item, then left mouse click on ‘properties’ and change “Startup Type” to Disabled" - you should shutdown and then power up again to ensure that this is in place. You could try the test again after doing this. With setting disabled, Nero starts and performs faster.

  3. Item 3 should only be done after successfully installing Nero.