Wierd Internal Sound

Hey! All :slight_smile:

I just purchased an OEM version lite-On LTD165H and I noticed that when I rotated it I could hear not so much a rattle but I could definately hear the destinctive sound of something similar to a silica moisture absorbant sachet moving loosely around within the drive.

I never heard this with the Lite-On CDRW drive which I purchased before.

Is this normal with Lite-On DVD Drives or should there be No sound what so ever??


It’s normal, it’s the ABS (Auto Balancer Spindle)
It consists of many small steel balls rolling around, hence the sound.

The burners use VAS, it’s function is the same as ABS but it’s got some other mechanism without balls.

Thanks! Airhead

For the quick reply…

I was thinking I was going to have to return the drive but I trust your judgement.

The drive works fine, I just wasn’t sure about the weird sound.

I wish Lite-On would post a read me with their drives concerning their little idiosyncracies though.

There is an entry in the FAQ on their web site about this…