Wierd intermittent internet traffic

My firewall (Sygate Personal Firewall) is showing that my internet connection is sending outgoing traffic of 106 bytes in a “saw-tooth” pattern (i.e. on, off, on, off, …). I have:

[li]NT Kernel & System
[/li][li]LSA Shell (Export Version)
[/li][li]Generic Host Processes for Win32 services

blocked. When I get the firewall to block all traffic, whatever is sending out this traffic continues for a short while and then stops (the firewall does block it). When I go back to normal mode, this traffic resumes after a short while.

I can’t find the app responsible for sending out this traffic. I’ve tried typing “netstat” to find what IP my comp is sending this traffic to but nothing comes up.

I’ve got Grisoft’s Anti Virus and it is updated almost daily. What should I do to stop this?

Edit: BTW, this traffic is accompanied by incoming traffic as well, in a saw-tooth pattern. The incoming traffic is not as regular, about 60-350 bytes (the outgoing always has a maximum of 106 bytes).

Nevermind, I realised that the source of the traffic is when you go to some forums (like CDfreaks) which have a feature that monitors which users are online.