Wierd Hardware Problem Help :D



This has to be one of the most absurd problems I’ve ever encountered. I have 2 dvd burners hooked up on my pc. Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1P drive, thats master, if it matters. And on slave I have Sony DRU-840A. Now when I boot my pc or just look in my computer it thinks I have 2 Lite-On drives hooked up. I try to do driver updates on the other one but nothing. I tried to update firmware. The liteon is up to date. I cant find sony firmware. And if I did i dont think it would work because it wouldn;t find the correct dvd drive to install to. Right now in device manager it says I have Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1P and Lite-On LTR-48327S. And if i went into my computer I could go to the dvd that is sony and it will eject it and everything, and yet it thinks its Lite-On. Also the sony drive wont read any dvds currently. its acting like a regular cd-rom drive. Please help. Or just any suggestions or possibilities of things to fix the problem. Thanks alot


The Sony DRU-840A is a rebadged Liteon…
Have you crossflashed it?


you already lost me, rebadged, crossflash. Could you explain a little more i would appreciate it. I don’t know anything really about optical drives. is there an easier way to contact you? messengers?




[QUOTE=chef;1995268]The Sony DRU-840A is a rebadged Liteon…
Have you crossflashed it?[/QUOTE]


Sony DRU-840A is a rebadged [B]Samsung[/B] 202


ok so its a rebadged samsung. what firmware do i need to put on it?
or flash or whatever. Or how do i fix this problem


Check the jumpers on the back of the drive. If you crossflash to the Samsung, you wont be able to flash it back to a Sony.


Sony DRU-840A is a rebadged [B]Samsung[/B] 202[/QUOTE]

Okay then. Thanks.


[QUOTE=chef;1996179]Okay then. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

No problem :flower:

Sony does this alot . First Sonys were rebadged LiteOn then … :

-DRU-810A = Benq 1640

-DRU-810A-R = Benq 1650

-DRU-820A = Benq 1670

-DRU-830A = Samsung 182D

-DRU-835A = Samsung 183L (Lightscribe)

-DRU-840A = Samsung 202

Hope that helps the confusion :slight_smile: