Wierd hardware error help needed

well its the first time fo me in here and i wish thats i have choosed da right fourm to explain the error on the problem exacly thats when i turn on pc everything works but the screen doesnt open and its power working fine then i try again and it openes some time then when its booting if freezes during booting also during installing windows and i guess this is processor problem and i guess i have to buy new one but i wanted to make sure are it really processor problem and also when it openes windows and in middle of my working mouse freeze and whole pc freeze and i have nuffin to do nor closing pc :sad:

What about using dots and commas as a start??

Your computer either has a heating problem or the PSU is crappy/too weak.

You will have to do an Elimination Process…Could be your Graphics card is Loose or Faulty…Could be you got a Malware or Trojan or Virus…Switch PC OFF then Push your Graphics card in. Then if you getting same probs Scan for the Above Baddies…
pop back n let us All know how you are doing…

That’s New un useing dots n commas at start Chef!!! :)------BE HAPPY.