Wierd -files don't match or play

I’ll try to be brief. I don’t think this is a DVD Fab problem, but maybe??

I want to stop using my main computer for copying movies and would like to use my older spare machine, instead. My main computer uses Windows XP, and my old machine is Windows 98SE, AMD processor, Via chipped mainboard, etc.

I had a lot of trouble just getting the DVD to burn at all and had to fool around with Via chipset driver updates.

Without going through all the details - here’s the gist of it. I copied a movie on my newer comuter with DVD Fab The movie copied fine and plays fine on our DVD player.

I then took that DVD burner out of the newer computer, and put it into the old computer. Also installed the updated DVD Fab at the same time. I then copied the same movie. It seemed to copy fine but will not play on any of our DVD players. It WILL play only on the computer that wrote it. This got me a bit stumped. So, I checked both DVDs that are supposed to be exactly the same.

The one that works has one file that is slightly smaller.
The one that does NOT work has one file that is slightly larger.
I’ve tried several movies and this keeps happening.

Just for example, copied Chronicles of Riddick in “movie only” mode.
The copy that works has the last file - titled VTS-01.5.VOB as 208,758 KB
The copy that doesn’t work - titled VTS-01.5.VOB is 208,786 (bigger).

Anybody got any idea what the heck if going on?

Hello jdemaris, my first thought would be to switch back to XP and forget about 98, but if you are going to try it, go the your optical drive’s manufacturer’s web site and see if there are Windows 98 drivers. This could help in communicating with the writer. Slow the write speed down to about half of what you did on the XP machine and see if that helps.