Wierd DVD+R D/L burning issue

I just upgraded to Vista Ultimate and tried to burn a few DL movies. The burning was successful (no errors reported) but the movies wouldn’t play in my DVD player. They do so in my DVD-ROM drive.

My first thought was that it was Vista causing the problem so I rebooted into XP pro 64-bit. (I havea dual boot system). Same thing happened there. Burning the dvd with either Roxio EasyMedia Creator 9.0 or DVD Fab Platinum yielded the same results. Single sided dvd’s work without issue.

I grabbed 5 dvd’s I burned a week prior to upgrading and saw the same issue so I’m confident that it isn’t the Vista upgrade.

I’ve tried burning on new Samsung and LG gsa-h42l drives using RiData and Playo discs. I didn’t have issues before. I also had a pioneer DVR-111d drive that I replaced with the other burners because I had started to burn coasters using DVD+R D/L discs.

Could it be the media? Do the newer Korean drives not like the media?

Stick to Verbatim for dual layer media if you want anything resembling consistent reliable results. All other brands of dual layer dvds are iffy at best.

I’ll keep that in mind next time I get disks. Is it Verbatim only, or also Maxell? I think I saw that single sided Verbatim and Maxells were the same disk.
Where is the cheapest place to pick up Verbatim disks?

As a follow-up - I got an IDE to SATA adapter and dusted off my old Pioneer DVR111d. The first attempt using the Playo disk worked. As usual, no error messages with the burn, and this time the DVD booted in my DVD player.

I’m confused on why the off-name brands seemed to be OK in the burner, and the computer DVD-ROM drive, but no other place. I’d assume that if there was a compatibility issue with the media that the burn itself would have an error.

I’ve got 50 PlayO and 20 Riadata disks so I don’t want to toss them. Since the pioneer seems to be wooking, I’ll use that for now, but I’d like to use the new LG drive.

I’m afraid it’s only Verbatim +R DL media that’s worth buying. Some burners will burn other brands with a moderate success rate but it’s just not worth the risk.

I’ve done a RiDisc +R DL in my Pio 111 and the resulting burn was very poor - in terms of disc quality scanning - but still playable.

avoid the ritek 100%

bought a 25 pack both my pioneer 108 and 111 spit out coasters 3:1 and the sony at my office also spits out error… even the damm plextor coasters them on the occasions. the only burner i had work with em is a samsung sata burner… from my experience the only dl that works across the board is the verbaitum… so yeah -stick with those 100%