Wierd CDFREAKS/Digital Spy rip-off

Hi there, i was browsing my e-mail when i came accross a advert for a web site, in the advert it said that the site was a forum for anything digital. I loaded up the site and was shoched to find that all of the topic headings and discriptions were copied off of either digital spy or cdfreaks. I then e-mailed the forum administrator and asked him what was going on. He said that it was his site and he could put what he wanted on it, as long as the content is different.

Take a look for yourself at www.digi-discussion.com or http://rssfed23.angeltowns.com

Plus he has copied some of teagames games for people to use, is that copyrighted??? (i thought teagames was)

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Thanks for the info robdive123

ha ha ha has 8 registered users…

guess they need to steal info …cause 8 folks can’t be that smart

Edit…my word …have you read the rules…just have fun…took lots of thought don’t you agree?

and look at the posts…most were started by the admin…and hardly any replies…

/me starts singing another one bites the dust…uh another one bites the dust.heeyyy hey .another one down …and another one down…another one bites the dust…

hahahahaha thats just really sad!!!


So sad, yeah.

Maybe we should all register there and write posts recommending other sites like cdfreaks.com for example.

Would the admin staff consider copying this forum :stuck_out_tongue: :

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The site seems to be down now:

Sorry but digi-discussion is currently down and is in the rebuilding phase.

It will soon be replaced with a forum and web site for film music and games talk + releases.

Wonder what will be next