Wierd...any advice?

I just installed a second HDD to my PC. Meanwhile I realised that I had both RAM modules on the same DDR channel and therefore wasn’t using DUAL channel memory. So I pulled one out and moved it to the other chanel. Then I powered up the PC and got a load constant beeping sound coming from the PC speaker…and the system wouldn’t boot up…


Since then I have removed and put back the memory and rebooted and its now working…but what was it? Did I overload the power supply with the extra HDD (IT’s a THERMALTAKE Soprano case with only 1 Pioneer DVD burner, FDD, 1 x SATA HDD and 1 x IDE HDD.

Any suggestions???

the first time you probably didnt put the ram module all the way in so it was somewhat loose


I also lost BIOS setings for my system HDD. Auto Detect couldn’t even see it anymore…

Is the memory an exact matching pair? If not then it won’t work.

It has something to do with your bios. If you don’t have the current bios for your computer, download the most current bios. You may have to change a setting in the bios for dual channel, and/or change the memory timings.

Thanks guys for your replies. I don’t know what happened. I set all BIOS settings to default and rebooted…and its working fine now…???

Sounds like your bios had a brain fart? :slight_smile: Maybe loading your defaults is the work around for that problem, but you should do like harley said. Check and see if theres an updated bios for your mobo. Maybe it’s a problem they have fixed with an update, so you don’t have to load up the defaults next time.

Thanks guys,

I already updated the Bios the other night…seems like a brain fart I’d say.

ps. Setting Bios setting to defaults aslo cause me problems with DMA settings as I have posted in another thread. I had to load Optimized defaults in order to get DMA mode of 5 and 6 for my HDD and Burner…with the standard defaults I was only getting DMA dual mode 2 or somthing like that!

Thanks again!

Ya I’ve seen alot of motherboards that have two sets of default settings you can load. I think one is like a “safe” defaults to ensure the system will operate, but slower for stability or troubleshooting. The other is normal defaults to run the system fast, like it should be run. I think of it like windows safe mode, someone correct me if there’s another reason they do this.