Wierd 812S scratching noises?


Today I noticed that my week old SOHW-812S Liteon
making some high pitched scratching noises when there is a CD-R media inside.
I tried different brands of media but its the same.
The strange thing is that its happening only for CD-R media but not DVD media.
Also, while browsing the files on CD/DVD the drive makes even louder scratching noises.
I never heard these noises until yesterday.

So, should I exchange the burner while I have it covered by warranty?


I also noticed that the CD burning quality is a bit worse than it was before.

Any marks on the burn-side of your CDR’s?
Either way, I suggest geting rid of that drive.

Thanks for the reply rdgrimes! :slight_smile:

There is no scratch marks on the CD-Rs,
but I think I’m going to exchange it as you suggested.