Wierd 3540A problem



When I burn a dvd or just catalog some dvd’s, explorer doesn’t show any dvd’s after the first one. refresh doesn’t correct this. If I reboot then I can see the dvd.
running windows millenium. Duel Core at 3.0ghz, 1gb of dual channel 400mhz ram. I don’t have this problem with a cdrw on the same machine. I also am not running anything that would burn up the resources to cause this.
any ideas?


Have you got Autoinsert notification turned off? It sounds like it’s off which means a reboot is the only way of a refresh.

Try googling for and installing TweakUI - that has controls for the autoinsert features of optical drives.



Autoinsert notification was turned on. I uninstalled the drives and let it redo the PNP on them.