Widows xp updates



Hi, Every one. Question? Anybody having any trouble with the lastest or last windows xp updates? I am able to get on line, but when I click on links in my e-mail etc. It keeps getting not responding. When I do a ctrl, alt, delete to end tast. When it first happen I was unable to get on line. Then I used a restore point, was able to gey back on line. Now with I do the update again I can get on line but when I click on links it seems to lock my pc up. Any thoughts?

Mr.Bill :bow::bow::bow:


Do you have zone alarm installed on your computer?? I had a few people having problems with zone alarm after a windows update.


Hi, Scotton. Yes I have zone alarm installed on my computer.

Mr.Bill :slight_smile:


you need to update Zone Alarm.


Thanks Troy. Sorry I did not respone sooner. I lost my internet connection for a few days. I did update my zone alarm. I think that fixed the problem.

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