Widows update problem

I am trying to change everything from an IDE HDD to a SATA HDD and I decided to do it as a freash install and now that I am going to do the windows updates for some reason it is not letting me get 2 important security update

Has any one run into this kind of problem or no what to do?

Asus P5P800 with Intel P4 2.8 800MHz FSB 1MB L2 Cache 512 DDR 3200 GForce FX 5500 OC

Have you reset your computer. Other downloads may need to be isntalled first.

Some will only download and install as seperate downloads when nothing else is selected.

I had the same problem, it was caused by Alcohol 120%'s ATAPI, just uninstalled updated and reinstalled. Whats the errror message if any?

several times

I am now having an issue with Nortons Internet security as well wont let me do any thing online unless i disable(Im fixin to unistall and reinstall)

when it goe to download it says it fails…I have put alcohol 120% on it yet but i have put Nero Daemon tools, shrink decryptor, office 2003 nortons and a couple more things

ok now what is going on is i decided to start over and now i can not get any urgent updates or driver updates

any idea

when I swopped from IDE to Sata I had to ring MS to activate windows again. :confused:

I was having several problem mainly not getting my updates. just gave up and I try and do it later when i am having a better day. Just been a long week

First Post on these Forums but that is some excellant judgement on your part.

Have done that a few times in the past myself…


I think it’s Nortons firewall, I had this in a customers PC.
Disable the firewall and try again, if it works then that’s your problem.

There is a KnowlageBase article on Symantec’s web site about it, but I could never get the solution to work.

If you do then let me know.